Dakota Meyer

Dakota Meyer is a Founder and Partner at The Dash IV. As an active person throughout his life, he’s maintained a passion for health and physical fitness. In 2006, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corp, which continued his training.

In his tenure with the Marine Corps, Dakota deployed twice to combat. For his actions in Afghanistan, he became the first living U.S. Marine in over 40 years to receive the Medal of Honor.

dakota meyer medal of honor

Medal of Honor Recipient

During his time in Afghanistan, Corporal Meyer maintained security at a rally point as the other members of his team moved on foot. As the rest headed into Ganjgal with the Border Police and Afghan National Army, the patrol was ambushed. Over 50 enemy fighters launched rocket-propelled grenades and mortars among machine gun fire. Enemy fire came from houses as well as fortified positions on the slopes above them.

When he heard over the radio the four U.S. team members were cut off, Meyer took initiative. Corporal Meyer manned the exposed gunner position of a gun truck to disrupt the enemy attack and find the trapped team. As the intense enemy fire turned to the vehicle, Meyer used the mounted machine guns and his rifle to take down numerous enemy fighters.

Moreover, he and the driver made three solo trips into the ambush area, allowing them to help others evacuate. In the first two trips, they evacuated two dozen Afghan soldiers, including many wounded. When one of the mounted guns became inoperable, Corporal Meyer directed a return to the rally point, bringing back a fresh gun truck for an additional trip into the ambush area.

With supportive fire, he helped the remaining Afghan and U.S. personnel fight their way out of the area. Despite sustaining a shrapnel wound to the arm, he made two additional trips in a third hun truck to recover more of the wounded Afghan soldiers. Still under heavy fire, he dismounted and made a fifth trip on foot to recover the bodies of his teammates.

The bold spirit and daring initiative he displayed in the 6-hour battle caused a significant disruption to the enemy’s attack. With unwavering courage and devotion to his comrades, he upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps.

dakota meyer veteran

Receiving the Award

On September 15, 2011, Corporal Dakota Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama. The President referred to Meyer as “incredibly down-to-earth,” noting that Meyer originally didn’t take the call because he was at a new job in construction.

In good humor, President Obama recalled Meyer saying, “If I don’t work, I don’t get paid,” and decided to call him back on his lunch break.

The day before the ceremony, the two shared drinks. According to President Obama, “Dakota is the kind of guy who gets the job done.”
In addition to the Medal, Meyer was inducted into the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes and honored with a parade. 

dakota meyer medal
dakota meyer

Health & Healing Advocate

After serving as a Marine, Dakota Meyer’s time in action left him with pain and injuries to overcome. This led him to meet David Drury MPAS, PA-C, his partner in The Dash IV. One aspect of his treatment protocol included a variety of vitamin IV treatments as well as NAD+ Therapy.

His experience with IV therapy, both as a Marine and in his personal health journey, influenced his decision to start The Dash IV. The goal is to help people who want to better their health and well-being find a simple, accessible means to access IV therapy.

Today, Dakota Meyer fuels his passion to serve as a firefighter, living the good life in Spicewood with his two beautiful daughters.

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