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Patients see and feel a difference when they enter The Dash IV & Aesthetics. Every aspect of our medical spa is focused on making you feel confident and unlocking your hidden beauty.

Our staff is here to make sure that you feel well-cared for. Your treatments will be personalized to your unique needs and goals. Our medical team uses the latest in cutting-edge technology to make sure patients are benefiting from the best in aesthetic procedures.

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Slow down the signs of aging and prevent wrinkles with injectables such as BOTOX®.

These types of injections relax the muscles in the face, lessening the wrinkles over time.



As of now, Jeuveau™ is approved by the FDA to treat glabellar lines, also known as “11 lines.” These are the vertical lines that develop between the eyebrows after years of frowning, scowling, squinting, and furrowing your brow.



Dysport is a wrinkle relaxer very similar to other injectables. Dysport is used to relax frown and worry lines and smooth wrinkles.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can have an astounding effect on your face. Sometimes it’s not a facelift that’s needed but volume replacement. Even after a facelift, restoring volume loss is more often than not the completion of the process.


Kybella works by breaking up and destroying select fat cells where it is injected. To reach the fat, Kybella must be placed at the correct depth. The great thing about Kybella is that it leaves the surface of the skin untouched and unaffected.


Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen—the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cells and tissue—for results that can last up to two years.


When you’re happy with your skin, you feel more beautiful and confident. These satisfying results are best achieved by working closely with an authorized skinbetter science® expert who can help you find the right treatment for your skin. Our skinbetter products ensure that real results are possible in your real life.



Our non-invasive treatment improves skin health, addresses individual concerns, and creates a glow like no other. Unlike traditional facials, it’s performed via device rather than by hand, for deeper penetration & lasting results.

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