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Benefits Key

Specialty Drip

member / non
  • The Dakota Meyer
    The Dakota Meyer $225/$249

    Twice the hydration & a high dose of vitamins for complete optimization

  • Package of 4 $796/$896


includes one $25 boost
    THE CLASSIC MYERS $169/$199

    For an immune system boost, jet lag, fatigue, and rundown

    THE CURE $169/$199

    Hangover recovery

  • The Immunity
    The Immunity $169/$199

    Boosts immune system and recovery

  • The athlete
    The athlete $169/$199

    Optimizes recovery for muscle soreness and inflammation

  • migraine relief
    migraine relief $169/$199

    Relieves headache, nausea, and migraine related symptoms

  • weight loss
    weight loss $169/$199

    Boost metabolism, increased energy and burns fat

  • Gut Repair
    Gut Repair $169/$199

    Gut Support

  • Package of 4 $640/$760


less than 5 minutes
  • The Antioxidant
    The Antioxidant $125/$150

    Skin rejuvenation, anti-aging; fights stress, anxiety and depression

  • Fast Vitamin IV
    Fast Vitamin IV $125/$150

    Recovery, elevated focus and concentration

  • Package of 5 $500/$600


add these to any of your drips
  • Glutathione Glow
    Glutathione Glow $150

    Skin rejuvenation, anti-aging; fights stress, anxiety and depression

  • Extra 500ml Saline
    Extra 500ml Saline $50/$40

    Double the hydration

  • Vitamin C
    Vitamin C $25

    Immune booster, antioxidant & skin rejuvenation

  • Vitamin D
    Vitamin D $25

    Immunity, bone health, hormone boost

  • Toradol
    Toradol $25

    Pain & headache relief

  • Zofran
    Zofran $25

    Nausea relief

  • B-Complex
    B-Complex $25

    Health & skin rejuvenation

The cellular recharge

member / non
  • Single Dose
    Single Dose $550/$650

    Restore, revitalize, and recharge your cells

  • Loading Dose Package $2,500/$3,000

    Package of five treatments

  • Maintenance Treatment $500/$600

    Additional single doses after receiving the Loading Dose Package

premium im shots

member / non
  • Energize Me
    Energize Me $29/$40

    Energy boost

  • Slim Fast
    Slim Fast $29/$40

    Weight loss, metabolism boost

  • Immunity Booster
    Immunity Booster $29/$40

    Immune system

  • Gut Repair
    Gut Repair $29/$40

    Gut support

  • The Beauty
    The Beauty $29/$40

    Master antioxidant, skin rejuvenation

im shots

member / non
  • Vitamin D
    Vitamin D $25/$30

    Immunity, bone health, hormone boost

  • Toradol
    Toradol $25/$30

    Headache relief

  • Zofran
    Zofran $25/$30

    Nausea relief

  • B-Complex
    B-Complex $25/$30

    Metabolism, nerves, skin, digestion support

  • Pack of 5 $110/$135
  • Pack of 10 $210/$235

custom drip

  • Single Dose $299

    A single IV drip customized to you

  • 6 Pack $1,614

    With this you get a Micronutrient test 50% OFF!

  • 12 Pack $2,999

    Includes FREE micronutrient test

  • Micronutrient Test $499

    Easily check your blood levels of 33 vitamins and minerals

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